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Thenen House

Thenen House is a supervised transitional living program which offers five girls the opportunity to practice independent living skills in a supportive environment. All residents are required to be involved in a full-time program which includes education and employment. Residents are expected to participate in taking care of the house and share the chores including cooking dinner each night.

Four of the beds are open to clients of the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P) and one is designated for a homeless young adult. Referrals from DCP&P must be aged 16-20 years whose cases with the Division will remain open. The "homeless bed" is accessed through the Adolescent Housing Hub. Most youth who enter the program have resided in other out of home placements where they have been assessed as being unable to return home and need assistance to prepare for independence. The staff teaches the residents the life skills they will need to become successful adults inclduing financial planning and budgeting, job skills and career development as well as practical household skills.

All of the residents who are working are required to follow a budget and save money from their wages. This is designed to help them to save money for the future and become accustomed to the day when they will have to pay for all of their living expenses.

Living Room at Thenen House
Kitchen at Thenen House