Message Board

To All Former Residents:

After more than forty years of operation there are a lot of girls who have passed through the doors of Plaid House and Thenen House have moved on successfully with their lives. Many of those are now parents themselves. We are interested in hearing from any of the women who were once residents of Plaid House and Thenen House.

Often we receive calls from some of you trying to find women who were residents at the same time as you. We hope that through this website we can make contact with a number of you and try to put you in touch with each other.

Please email us directly at . We also invite you to join our group on Facebook under "Plaid House, Inc."

We love seeing so many of you at the holiday party each year. For those of you who haven't made it yet, please keep in mind that it is always held on the second Wednesday in December each year. Please call or email  973-267-4008/, if you are going to attend.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Neville Newton,
Executive Director