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Aftercare Program

The Aftercare Program serves youth who are aged between 17.5 and 21 years who are leaving or who have left the child welfare system,or homeless youth who have left a housing program and have an immediate need. of home placement. The majority of thr youth are young people who ahve spent years living in an out of home placement and cannot, or do not wish to, return home. They are ready to leave their placement, or resource home, and need supprot to make a successful transition. They are likely to have no previous experience of living independently and few community supports.

The program provides short term assisatnce in the areas of housing, education, employment, life skills and community linkage/resources. the program offers case management, counseling and limited financial support to youth to enable them to be successful and independent adults. Once the identiifed goals have been met the case will be closed. However the program is alwasy available in the future if new needs are identified and can provide services until the youth's twenty second birthday.