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Aftercare Program

The goal of the Aftercare Program is to help adolescent males and females make successful transitions to the community from out of home placement. The program provides counseling to Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) adolescents who are being discharged into the community from residential placements or foster care.

Clients who are referred to the program are either returning home to live with their families or are moving on to independence. For those who are being reunited with their families, the aftercare program facilitates a successful transition home. The Program Manager makes regular home visits to assist the family readjust to living together again.

For those who are moving out to live on their own, the Program Manager provides practical as well as emotional support. If necessary, the program can provide financial support to help a young person secure accommodation or obtain work clothes or tools.

Although all clients who need ongoing services must be "open cases" with the State when they are referred, they do not need to remain open to receive services. The Program also provides short term "booster shot" services to those young adults who were previously involved with any of the Plaid House, Inc. programs and have closed cases. The services are designed to resolve the client's immediate issue but are not intended to be long term.